Business Owner Getting Started Guide

What NGO/MDA/School/Healthcare Administrator will benefit

  1. I am a business owner and I want my current clients and potential clients to be able to find me and contact me easily using the Internet on their phones, tablets and desktop computers.
  2. I want to know the experiences of my clients.
  3. I want to be ranked as one of the top businesses in my district so people visiting my business place can see a sticker with my ranking at the door.
  4. For people using Google or other search engines to find businesses in my category in Sierra Leone, I want my business to be listed on google and other search engines and when it appears in a search result, I want my business to be the first result and for people to see my client reviews on the results page which will lead them to click on my business and find me to do business.

To solve the problems above,

  1. I will visit, click on the How it works link.
  2. I will search for my business to see if it already exist in the database. If I find it, I will update the details if they are not correct. If I don't find it, I will add it
  3. I will need to add my new business that is not in the database and update the details of my old business that exist in the database.
  4. To add the new business and update my old business details, I will collect the relevant data about my business.
  5. I will click on add your business to submit my new business information and claim my business to update my old business details.
  6. When I added my business, an account was created for me automatically which, will enable me manage my business listings and reviews later.
  7. I checked my email and clicked on verify link to verify my email address and validated my account.
  8. A LamTech business verifier called me to verify my business information. I verified the information.
  9. My business was added to the database and the next time I visited, I was able to find my business and read reviews from my clients.
  10. I recently did business with an individual who told me he was in my community, village, town, city, chiefdom, district and province in Sierra Leone for the first time and was looking for a business in my category and used to find me. He decided to do business with me because based on the great reviews he saw about my business.