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To interact with your customers seamlessly, stay relevant in your industry, increase revenue, improve reputation, maintain status, serve more customers, deliver better services, and increase a loyal customer base. OBizR is 100% free to list and manage your business and public reviews.

Here is why you must list and manage your business listing on SLBizReviews;

  • OBizR is built on the principle of open data and self-service which enables us to crowd-source and share the listings and reviews
  • OBizR serves all industries, businesses, and brands, governments, and Non-Governmental organizations.
  • OBizR is tested by real users and provides the best user experience based on the best industry usability standards and leading practices
  • Its 100% free for business owners to add information such as office hours, geographic location for near me services and contact information such as address, email, phone, and website
  • Our database current host over 9,422 listings of which 1,572 are generic businesses, 1,040 are NGOs, 1,725 are healthcare facilities, 4,994 are educational institutions and 91 are GoSL MDAs
  • We publish every listing and review on our Facebook and Google page.
  • OBizR is the largest, first, and only true open business database in Sierra Leone with business listings and reviews APIs for use by developers and businesses